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Primal Summit: Physical Culture Evolution

October 14, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm America/New_York
White Pine Wilderness Academy
841 W 53rd St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

We invite you on a journey into 5 worlds of movement and strength. The objective is to explore philosophies and techniques of differing systems connected by a common thread, to add to your current practice.

We want you to leave with more tools, curiosity, and a more firm technical foundation from which to explore. We will be covering a lot of ground. There will be bodyweight techniques, including animal forms, for developing graceful movement, partner work for developing skills of flow and resistance with another person, and kettlebells will be used because of their unmatched versatility in developing total body integration for lifting. This workshop is created for intermediate levels of fitness and trainers looking to add to their skills. Beginners are welcome and will get a great start for their fitness journey. As a bonus, we will offer a free Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training class led by Ryan at White Pine. ($20 value)

Movement Taboos with Joey Leveille
How can a human move? How has your ability to move been limited by our culture? These are questions we will explore through movement. The purpose of this class is to expose holes in your practice and to expand your understanding of what is possible. Expect a thorough warm-up, mobility work, and partner games.

Transformations with Tyler Byrum
What does it mean to be better? This course will focus on Kettlebell sport foundations. By learning to use kettlebells in an efficient manner, you build both aerobic and anaerobic endurance. By implementing gripsport elements and old-time strong wisdom, you will learn to strengthen your claws so that you may play to your full potential.

Fundamentals of Capoeira with Ethan Obenauer
We will briefly explore fundamental concepts of the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira, including kicks, escapes, full-body movements, and the ginga (“to sway”). By using these concepts, you will learn how to build both collaborative sequences and a foundation for improvisational movement.

Kettlebell Complexes and Programming with Ryan Hadley
We will learn ways to connect techniques and make them flow. This allows us to develop greater strength and conditioning by changing techniques and targeting different muscle groups and energy systems without putting the Kettlebells down.

Conditioning from the Gymnastics World with Erin Wigger
We will be sharing some key favorite conditioning drills for all levels. We will also be talking about the importance of proper body shape.

Investment: $75 or $125 for a pair

Tickets: https://whitepinewilderness.com/classes/primal-summit-physical-culture-evolution

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/138783876726400/