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DoItIndy Radio Hour

December 18, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Grove Haus
Our show is about the Indianapolis music scene, plain and simple. We want people to hear the show and then go out to the clubs to see the bands we play. We want the bands we play to hear the other bands we play and start a dialog about a stronger music community. Then, that community can nurture new bands and we can start the cycle all over again. Our mantra? “Let’s make a scene”.Hosted by DoitIndy Founder/Senior Reporter Scott Tolin and Dointindy Music Editor MPCavalier, “The Hour” dispenses with the kind of stale radio we’ve been subjected to for a generation. Local and regional bands submit the music directly to us, we listen to it all, and we build each week’s playlist to be a unique listening experience. We’re not just hitting “shuffle” on iTunes. We don’t play favorites and we don’t answer to any corporate interests. We are, like so much of the music in Indianapolis, completely independent.   LISTEN LIVE  on Monday. 8pm.Http://rfi.fm/

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